Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ho hum

Now what?

Nike Women’s Half Marathon was a week ago, and it was fun.  Not too much to say about it: spent a great weekend with the girls in San Francisco, then ran for 13.1 miles.  Good times.  :)  Bummed it was so foggy and didn’t get to see any of the views (I had no idea we ran right by the Golden Gate Bridge…) but I guess it made for good running weather..?

Now I’m kind of stalling, though.  I know it’s ok, I know this is expected..but I am getting restless and feel lazy!  I think I’ll do the Seattle Half Marathon at the end of November, so that’ll be my next “thing” to look forward to, and I guess I’ll keep trying to run and bike during the week.  Still no pool.  Not going to lie, I really do not miss swimming..but I am getting anxious about how much it’s going to suck to start again!

I’ve gone in for my first round of testing with Cycle Science Training, which was pretty neat.  Did V02/lactate and some max wattage test or something on the bike.  This week will be running, and then one more time for FTP and stuff like that on the bike.  It will be interesting to see all the results!  Just from the first day, they seemed politely impressed and nice about my results haha.  We’ll see :) Mostly I just think it’s really cool to see the numbers and relate them to myself… I “know” what the lactate thresehold means and what it does, but seeing the data real-time, and feeling my legs absolutely die right when the numbers showed it..pretty cool :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Taper week is boring!!!

And I actually AM trying to taper!..kinda.  This week I've done a couple of shorter runs (shorter and slower), and GASP a full rest day!  Some spinning tonight, and maybe a quick little run tomorrow before flying down to SF for the Nike Women's Half Marathon.

I also took is pretty easy last week, so I feel really lazy right about now.  And it's "only" a half marathon so I feel like this is all silly and not very necessary..but hey, doesn't hurt to try to actually follow it for once, right?  I have a couple months to kinda chill out and not stress about following any particular schedule, and just focus on maintaining everything and relaxing..so I figure I need to appreciate it and try to enjoy it.  :)  I feel a little guilty..but I also don't feel like i NEED to be doing a ton more.  I feel like I should, but my body is kinda ok with being lazy so just tryign to soak it up and give it the rest.  Certainly going to start doing a lot more work in just a few months... ;)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Taking it easy...

Things have been fairly relaxed lately, which I guess is good.  Istill need a pool, and am kind of anxious about losing all this time swimming and having to start over..but I don’t exactly  miss swimming itself ;) Hopefully this week or next I’ll have a pool again.
Nike Women’s Half Marathon is this weekend, which is exciting!  I’m looking forward to travelling and having fun with the girls...and running, of course.  It feels weird having just this coming up, although I’m really trying to do what you’re “supposed” to do and cut down the volume/intensity and taper a bit.  I feel lazy.  Oh well…

Got back on the mountain bike yesterday, for the first time in probably a month (aside from downhilling in Whistler the previous weekend which was AMAZING!).  Really looking forward to being able to mountain bike more this winter.  The woods make me happy :)  Plus, I need to get back and conquer that drop/step-up (where I broke my collarbone) before December 31st!!!  Definitely excited to hang out and play in the woods on a bike.  Summer is definitely over, time for fall and wintery weather!