Friday, June 3, 2016

When nothing goes right

Ok, time to whine.


This week, nothing has gone right.  Nothing.


Well, that’s not entirely true.  With the long weekend, and the weather, we opted to do our long ride on Monday instead of Sunday.  So, technically that ride was “this week” and that was a good ride..but other than that, I just can’t seem to get a workout done without issues.


Swims have been long.  Which is fine I guess, but I feel like a brick (soooo slow, especially on Tuesday!) and I’ve been rushing and still getting to work late, which stresses me out.  Some days swimming feels more natural, others it does not.  This week, they have definitely “not.”


Running is just not right.  On Tuesday I tried to run and in the first two steps I realized it was just not going to work.  It’s like my body forgot how to move, and how to run.  Everything is awkward, and clunky.  On Tuesday I also had a gigantic bug fly into my eye (it didn’t get stuck but it just hit my eye so hard I actually yelled out loud and had to stop because my eyeball hurt and I had tears down my face), my phone died almost instantly (no music) and everything was chafing.  It was seriously the worst.  I wanted to quit, and accept the fact that not every day is a good day—but I’m also big on the mental game, and I knew that “allowing” myself to give up would just be worst for me (mentally) in the long run.  So I did it, but it wasn’t pretty.


After failed swims and runs, I was super psyched for a mid-week long ride on Wednesday.  “Up to 3 hours, work some hills.” DEAL!  I had a route all planned out (nothing really new or super exciting, but it was new to do a ride to the valley on a weekday, so YAY!) I was so ready for a good day….. Got to the top of the first hill, started the descent, and  PFTTTT rear tire is completely deflated.  3.41 miles in, and my tire was slashed open.  I tried to fix it, but this was the first time with my new wheels and I couldn’t get the valve core out of my spare tube to put the extender on.  I started texting Kyle, to make sure I was doing it right (I was; it was just really tight) and I was also concerned about the fact that my tire was quite literally split open.  Kyle was close by at home and drove over, where he promptly took a look at my tire and said “NOPE You aren’t riding on that” and drove me over to Element Cycles for a new tire.    He changed it for me and I was good to go, but by now it was almost an hour later and I was somewhere else, so I couldn’t do my same route, and the weather was looking stormier and I just didn’t want to be out forever.  So I did a quick lollipop and back to work where my truck was waiting.  Yes, a 1:30 ride is better than nothing, and I’m glad I got to still do something.  But it was no hills, and it was no 3 hour ride, and it was nothing new (lollipop is nice and convenient but I’ve only done it, oh, five billion times).


Swimming and running was better-ish Thursday, but still not great.  Still awkward. FINE THEN, I have a trainer workout Thursday evening, I’ll do that and finally be on track.




TrainerRoad, KICKR, power meter…..all the things, and NONE of them want to work together.  I’ve had such a struggle.  To save the long, whiny story… let’s just say I found myself literally crying on the trainer out of frustration that nothing was working right, which was making an already tough workout feel a million times harder (plus it was kind of pointless because I wasn’t even REALLY doing the workout).   


So, no, I haven’t had any workout that really..worked out.  Today I have an “easy ride around the lake” which (knock on wood) should be simple enough.  I brought my road bike, since I feel I need to step back and really just have a simple, chill ride and be away from all the race + data stuff right now.


In the long run I know things will be fine and I need to chill out, but it’s getting frustrating.  Not everything is always rainbows and I know that..but GRR!  An entire week!?


CDA70.3 is getting closer, too.  I wonder if part of it is cumulative.  I haven’t been doing “as much” as last year, but still…. Ugh.  Just gotta get through another couple weeks + taper and race, and then I get a short break.  I think I realized last night on my run that if I’m thinking that way, then A) it means I’m maybe getting a bit worn out, and B) typically that means I’m ready to race.  :) So I’m trying to look on the bright side!