Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Getting into the Swing of Things: 2016

It has been SO GOOD to get back to “normal!”  The first week or two I actually felt pretty beat.  10 hours of training had me TIRED!  Now I’m feeling normal, and actually want to do a bit more ;)


I could talk about what I’ve been doing, but it’s nothing earth-shattering: bike block is currently in the works, and while I don’t feel like I’m pushing any massively impressive watts, I know I’m definitely ramping up the miles and my coach is spot-on with giving me enough intervals—quality over quantity (in this case, quantitiy of watts!).  I’ve realized that just because I CAN do more doesn’t mean I should.  And as long as I can hold it, who cares if I can hit a big number—sustained power is what I’m after.


Most importantly, I’m currently focusing on not comparing.  To anything.  Comparing to myself, and what I think I should be doing or what I was doing last year, and also comparing myself to others.


I’ve getting a few outdoor rides in now, which is SO nice…the trainer is great and all, but riding a bike outside is just plain FUN!  I mean, that’s why I do this after all, right?!  But at the same time, I keep wanting to compare to how I usually ride these roads.  I know it’s the beginning of February and that I really shouldn’t be as fast or in shape as I was in September of last year, when I had ironman base training, racing, and then a 70.3 build-up under my belt.  But of course that’s not what I think of, all I think is “this shouldn’t be so hard, why am I not going faster, blah blah blah blah blah.”  I go up a baby hill and feel myself get winded, and immediately am disappointed knowing I “used” to be a lot faster and stronger.  But I’ll get there.  I’m just impatient, and don’t like the reminder!


So there’s that.


It’s also nothing new that it’s super easy to compare with others!  I see everyone on social media, I see my friends...but the fact of the matter is that they have their own schedules, and I have mine.  In all honesty, my big race is still not for another 7 months!  I have 28 more weeks until I should be at my peak.  I BETTER not be doing anything crazy now!  Yes I have races before then, but the first isn’t until the end of May, and all of that is nothing else but tune-ups and tests.  I want September 4th to be my BEST race of the year…not the others.  As a result, I’ve really been learning how to just focus on my own schedule.  Do my workouts, put in the solid work, not stress about who else is doing what, or the fact that I think my hours need to be up.  Long-range planning like this is not my forte ;) but that’s why I have a coach!  And luckily, I AM very good at just doing what I’m told to do.


All that aside, I do have to say: the best thing about 70.3 training is that I still think/expect my swims to be the same as 140.6 training…which is great, because every single day in the pool I think “oh, just a short swim today!”  Even my “long” swims now are just “normal” (and my “short” recovery swims seem just plain comical).  ;)  Bright side to everything, right!?