Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall is here!

So, what have I been up to?  Not too much, really.  I did try cyclocross—that is one crazy sport!  I’ve done two races now and wow, it has definitely shown me my bike handling skills could use some work (especially in the mud, which I already knew I was afraid of).  It has certainly been a blast, though.  Not sure how far I’ll pursue it, I almost feel like I SHOULD like it more than I do, but on the other hand I do have a really fun time so..who knows.  If nothing else, it has been a great little experience trying something new for now.

Otherwise, trying to maintain some level of fitness, running and biking a as much as I can during the week without doing anything crazy.  The time change (and shorter days overall) has been making it difficult, and now it’s just plain cold!  Luckily, I can deal with it running as long as I can find a time to go during the day, and there’s always the trainer ;)

Officially signed up for the Seattle half marathon, so that’s good to have something “coming up.”  I’m pretty happy with my run right now, I think it’s definitely my strength so figure I may as well try to work on that with the half coming up.

I’ve also gone and finally done all the testing at Cycle Science Training—just waiting for my official “results” report.  VO2 and lactate on the bike and the run, max watt, max cadence, FTP…all sorts of stuff.  From just the raw data I saw I’m pretty happy with the numbers, but honestly the coolest part has just been seeing all these things being applied and really understanding what various things correspond to (oh, went anaerobic, oh yes, that’s exactly the moment where my legs died).  They are also super knowledgeable and explained the biomechanical/chemistry behind things which I found really interesting as well.  Overall, a great experience.  Just want to see all the final data now! :)